Ductless/mini Split Systems

Find Out If a Ductless or Mini-Split System Is the Right Choice For You

The terms “ductless” or “mini-split system” were relatively unheard of ten or twenty years ago. However, their popularity in Asia and Europe has finally crossed the ocean, making its way here. More and more people are augmenting their home’s existing systems, or using these as a primary solution for their indoor climate issues.

What Do Ductless and Mini-Split Actually Mean?

You may have heard of zonal heating or cooling before, and this is the same idea. Put simply, they are individual units used to heat or cool a single space. They exist independent of a central heat pump or ducting system – that’s why they’re called ductless or split systems.

Flexible and efficient, they focus on heating and cooling only the space you are in, while you are in it. Plus they can be installed in a variety of locations along your wall. This is a vast improvement over window air conditioners or plug in heaters, which have very specific space requirements.

Why Would I Choose a Zone Option Over Central Air?

Central air systems can sometimes be difficult and expensive to install in existing homes. These are easy to install, and allow you to keep different spaces in your home at different temperatures. No more fighting over the thermostat!

They can also be more energy efficient than other options. Dish heaters and window air conditioners are notoriously inefficient, and even dangerous. Our ductless and mini-split options are up to 40% more efficient, and will save you money in the long run.

And finally, why pay to cool or heat every room in your home when you only live in a few rooms at a time? Would you turn on every light in your house if you were only the kitchen? Probably not. These systems maximize ease of installation, personal comfort, and energy efficiency.

Want to Learn More?

Our service professionals are experts when it comes to educating you on your ductless and mini-split system options. Contact us today to get your questions answered, and find out what your options are!

Looking for a more traditional heating and cooling solution? Check out our wide range of available products.


Toshiba Carrier Residential Series Ductless

The Residential Series ductless systems from Toshiba Carrier are unprecedented compared to other competing models. This series brings both cooling and heating to your home in a compact system that has a level of energy efficiency that is sure to please. While this ductless system comes equipped with a 5-speed fan, you would never know with it's quiet performance. A wireless remote is also provided to allow you to adjust the settings without having to go to the system itself.


Carrier Infinity® Residential Series Ductless

With this series of ductless systems from Carrier, you have the option to choose a heat pump or an air conditioner unit that fits the needs of your home. Keep your energy bills low, enjoy quiet operation, and relax with a special dehumidification feature available on Infinity® Residential Series ductless systems.


Carrier Performance™ Residential Series Ductless

Performance™ Residential Series ductless systems offer quiet operation, a dehumidification feature that will keep your home at optimal comfort, and a high level of energy efficiency. 


Carrier Comfort™ Residential/Commercial Series Ductless Systems

The Comfort™ Residential/Commercial Series ductless systems bring comfort to your home while being budget friendly. These systems come equipped with a 3-speed fan for quiet operation and feature an optional extended-range cooling kit.

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