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About A-1 Finchum

When it comes to heating, cooling and keeping your home comfortable, you expect professionalism and reliability.  And the most reliable name in heating and cooling services in Knoxville, is A-1 Finchum!

Todd Brown on A-1 Finchum

Todd and his family are long time customers of A-1 Finchum Heating and Cooling. Todd is an extremely satisfied customer and has nothing but good things to say about them.  If you are in need of heating and cooling, call A-1 Finchum today.  

Do you suffer from allergies?

Do you suffer from allergies? Did you know that your central air system could be making your symptoms worse? A-1 Finchum has a number of measures to combat the allergens that may be in your indoor air. Your system uses an air filter to remove contaminants from indoor air.  If that air filter is not changed or cleaned regularly, it is not working efficiently, reintroducing allergens into the air. Upgrading to a HEPA filter or adding a UV light or air purifier may be options to consider as well. 

Maintenance Agreement

A-1 Finchum wants to help save you money with a maintenance agreement.  With a maintenance agreement from A-1 Finchum, you will receive two pre-seasonal visits from a professional A-1 Finchum technician.  They will keep your system tuned up and clean to ensure a longer life span for your over all HVAC system.  Call A-1 Finchum today to find out more.